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January 05, 2012

Seven out of ten women do not get their hearing checked at work

Only a few Swedish companies regularly test their employee's hearing. Often, it is at male-dominated work places such as industry.

Seven out of ten women do not get their hearing checked at work

A third of employees on the Swedish work force have not had their hearing checked for more than ten years. It is especially women who do not get their hearing checked. Seven out of ten women have never had their hearing checked at work. These are the findings of a new study from the Swedish organisation for people with hearing loss, HRF.

In the study, 73% of women say that they have never had their hearing tested at work, while only 53% of men say the same.

Detect hearing loss in good time

“Reduced hearing often sneaks up on you, and many people suffer from a range of health-related problems before they finally seek help,” says Jan-Peter Strömgren, the chairman of HRF.

“That is why it is important that all employers take responsibility for their employee’s hearing. If you detect a hearing loss in good time, it is possible to avoid stress, fatigue syndromes and other illnesses.”

A few Swedish work places carry out regular hearing tests. This is often seen in heavy industry which is traditionally male-dominated.

“It is unacceptable that there is such a large difference between men and women,” says Jan-Peter Strömgren.

Everyone should have a hearing test

All workers need to be able to hear and talk unhindered to do their job in a sensible way. Regular hearing tests are therefore in every employer's interest - regardless of whether we are talking about male steel workers or women working with children in a day nursery.

According to HRF, the number of hearing impaired in Sweden is on the rise. Today, 1.4 million Swedes have problems with their hearing, and more than half of these are of working age.

Source: HRF, Hörskadades Riksförbund

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