Signs your child may have hearing loss

Delayed or absent speech is the most important clue which can indicate possible hearing loss in children.

Early treatment and management of hearing loss in children is important to ensure the best possible outcome for their language development.

With a simple hearing test, 80-90% of hearing loss can be detected. But even if your child passes the newborn screening test, hearing loss that is genetic or progressive in nature can manifest itself when your child is a toddler or older.

Parents are recommended to watch for the critical developmental milestones in the child as they can be used as a guide to help detect a possible hearing loss. 

The most important clue that indicates a possible hearing loss is delayed or absent speech.

From toddler to older children

It is easier to detect and identify a possible hearing loss in infants and toddlers than in older children.

With toddlers, parents should watch for certain developmental milestones and with older children, parents should watch for other specific clues that may indicate a possible hearing loss.

If you suspect that your child has a hearing loss, you should contact your family doctor/GP.


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