Ski slope hearing loss

When a person has problems hearing high frequency sounds the hearing curve looks like a ski slope in an audiogram and is a special kind of sensorineural hearing loss. It can be difficult to hear children's voices or high pitched female voices.

The hearing-impaired person can hear without difficulty in a quiet room. But it is very difficult to hear in a noisy place - especially when there are a lot of people talking. Ski slope hearing loss can be hereditary and it can develop over a number of years.

There can be many reasons for why people develop this kind of hearing loss: excessive noise at the work place or during leisure time, side effects of drugs, birth complications - lack of oxygen during birth.

Family members, colleagues, children and others will often tell a person who suffers from ski slope hearing loss that he or she can not hear in certain situations. Ski slope is a very common kind of hearing loss and many people suffer from untreated ski slope hearing losses.