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August 07, 2018

Some restaurants are far too noisy

Some UK restaurants are louder than a pneumatic drill, according to charity research.

Some restaurants are far too noisy

According to Action on Hearing Loss, hard floors, clattering cutlery and clunky seats are blamed for the noise, as well as open kitchens and thumping background music which also contribute to the high noise levels.

In the campaign the worst offenders, According to Action on Hearing Loss were:

  • Pizza Express, Royal Festival Hall, London, 108.1 dB
  • Cote Brasseries, Camden, London, 105.3 dB
  • All Star Lanes, Holborn, London, 105.1 dB
  • TGI Fridays; Bournemouth, 103 dB

Impossible to hold a conversation

Noise levels of 108 dB is louder than eating next to a revving motorbike or the metallic jabber of a pneumatic drill. Noise levels at these levels can harm your hearing and may result in a hearing loss after only a short time, if you do not wear hearing protection.

Gemma Twichen, senior audiologist for Action on Hearing Loss, said to the Daily Mail:

“We have all been in restaurants where we haven’t been able to hear the people around us speak over excess background noise. This can be frustrating and uncomfortable for anyone, but for some with hearing loss, it can be impossible to hold a conversation.”

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