Somebody close has hearing loss

If you suspect one of your relatives, friends or colleagues is suffering from hearing loss, you can look for certain signs.

Does the person have problems hearing the phone or doorbell ringing? Do they find it difficult to hear people talk from behind? Do they always say "what"? Do they turn up the volume of the TV?

When somebody you know may be suffering from untreated hearing loss, you will probably also notice changes in his/her social behaviour, just as there will be a number of psychological effects. For example the person may withdraw from his/her surroundings and feel shame, guilt and anger. The person may also become more self-critical and experience a low self-confidence.

Your task is to be supportive, understanding and helpful. Read about hearing loss and use this web site. The more you know, the better you can help.

Further information

In this section we have collected a number of articles which explain the signs to watch out for, if you suspect that a relative has a hearing loss, as well as what the consequences of untreated hearing loss can be. You can also read our good advice regarding how to communicate and how to help hearing-impaired people in other ways.

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