01 August 2017

Spinning class noise is 9 times higher than recommended

During spinning classes participants expose themselves to a noise level, which is 9 times higher than recommended. This Is the conclusion of a study made by Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary in the US.

A study conducted in Boston in the US regarding loud music during spinning classes has found some disturbing results. The average noise level for the included spinning classes was on average 9 times higher than the recommended noise exposure for an entire 8-hour workday.

The spinning class participants were exposed to a noise level higher than 100 dB for more than 30 minutes of the total time. The length of the spinning classes were approximately 45 minutes, meaning that the attendants were exposed to more than 100dB for two-thirds of the total amount of time.

Noise levels surpass recommendations by far

The measured noise level during the spinning classes exceeds the general recommendations by far. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, NIOSH, recommend no more than 15 minutes of exposure at 100 dB per day.

Especially those attending spinning classes regularly, such as instructors and repeat class attendees are in danger. In these cases, a breach of the recommendations can therefore have serious consequences for hearing and create injuries in the form of hearing loss.    

Fitness may damage hearing

The results of the study are based on 17 spinning classes in Boston, where the noise level was measured with a smartphone app called SoundMeter Pro. The smartphones were put in the bike cupholders of par-ticipants attending the spinning classes.

Even though only spinning classes specifically were examined in the study, the results are also evident in relation to other kinds of fitness activities. Similar studies have shown, that the issue is also present among Bodypump- and Zumba classes as well.

Sources: www.bostonmagazine.com  and  www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov

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