Switzerland: One-in-ten say they have a hearing loss

One-in-ten people in Switzerland over the age of 18 answered yes, when asked if they suffer from hearing loss. Less than four-out-of-ten of these use hearing aids, even though it could benefit them.
Switzerland: One-in-ten say they have a hearing loss

A EuroTrak study shows, that 10.5% of the adult Swiss population believe that they suffer from hearing loss ”? in other words, more than 700,000 people. Of these, 38.8% use hearing aids. This means that around 425,000 hearing impaired in Switzerland do not use hearing aids.

Hearing aids improve quality of life

It is remarkable that so many hearing impaired people do not use hearing aids, as 84% of those asked said that they are satisfied with their hearing aids and that they have a significant and positive impact on their life.

Even more have hearing loss

“The number of people with a measurable hearing loss is somewhat higher than when people evaluate their hearing loss themselves. If you measure hearing loss, instead of asking people if they have experienced hearing loss, the share of adults with hearing loss will typically be around one-in-six or between 15-20%. That is because a hearing loss can be measured before it can really be noticed,” says Secretary General Søren Hougaard, European Hearing Instrument Manufacturers Association (EHIMA).

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89% of the Swiss hearing aid owners have received some form of third-party reimbursement. But Only 48% are aware that a proportion of the costs of the hearing aids can be paid for by their insurance.

Other findings

Other interesting EuroTrak 2012 Switzerland highlights are:

  • 39% have had a hearing test in the last 5 years. 40% of the population state their hearing has never been tested.
  • 73% of hearing aid owners use two hearing aids.
  • 90% of hearing aid owners in employment state that their hearing aids are useful in the workplace
  • Hearing aids are believed to have a positive impact in the workplace
  • People with hearing aids tend to have a higher personal income than impaired non-owners.
  • Hearing aid owners have a much lower risk of becoming depressed and a lower risk of forgetfulness compared to impaired non-owners.
  • The more the hearing aids are worn per pay, the higher the level of satisfaction.

About the survey

The study, which was published in 2012, was carried out by the Swiss analysts Anovum on behalf of EHIMA, The European Hearing Instrument Manufacturers Association. Around 14,836 people were involved in the study in Switzerland. They were asked about their hearing and use of hearing aids.
Source: EHIMA, EuroTrak 2012

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