Symptoms of hearing loss in children

If your child has one or more of the following symptoms, he or she might be suffering from hearing loss.

Parents and grandparents are almost always the first to suspect that a child has hearing problems. If any of the symptoms mentioned below is present, you should contact your family doctor.

It is important to know that every child develops and grows up at his/her own pace. Also, your child may suffer from mild hearing loss and display only a few mild symptoms that can be difficult to notice. Mild hearing loss will always be detected in a hearing test.


  • Your child's speech is not progressing and remains monotonous (the speaking ability is not age appropriate).
  • Delayed and/or inappropriate speech recognition.
  • Failure to startle or wake to loud sounds.
  • Does not freely imitate sounds.
  • Inability to locate sounds (the infant or baby does not turn the head towards a sound such as your voice).
  • Inability to respond to sounds from another room.
  • Daydreaming and withdrawing from social interaction.
  • Frequent ear infections.

Hearing impairment in infants may be difficult to detect, but the sooner hearing loss is detected, the better the chances for your child to socialise, communicate, learn, accept his or her hearing loss, and learn how to live with it. Hearing loss can be identified very early on, sometimes immediately after birth. Hearing aids can be useful from a very early age.

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