30 April 2009

T-loop systems in public facilities

Many countries have passed accessibility laws requiring the use of advanced technology in public places to break communication barriers.

The installation of T-loop systems in cinemas, theaters, and museums will benefit thousands of hearing impaired people using hearing aids or cochlear implants. Entertainment halls and other public facilities are frequently inaccessible for people with hearing loss because of background noise, in effect shutting out hearing impaired people and adding to their feeling of isolation.

A T-loop system amplifies sound in a specific way within areas of 250 to 1200 square meters. Sounds are transmitted directly to hearing aids set in T-position. The volume is amplified and directed into the hearing aid without the adverse effects from reverberation, distance or background noise.

An example to follow

The first public T-loop system in Chile has been installed in the theater of the University of Chile. Other entertainment venues are expected to follow suit.

“This is the first Chilean institution to show serious interest in this matter. It is an extraordinary step forward in creating awareness that hearing loss may occur in any family and that not only grandparents are affected, but many young people and children suffer from hearing disorders,” stated Carlos Valdivia, general manager of Audiomedical.

Read more about loop systems and telecoils.

Sources: www.espaciologopedico.com, www.implantecoclear.org 

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