13 April 2010

Taking care of your hearing aids

To get the best performance out of your hearing aid you must follow a few simple and common sense care instructions.

Your hearing aid uses a particular type of battery. Make sure to use the right type. Keep your batteries clean and dry and away form extreme heat or cold. The longevity of your batteries depends on the type of hearing aid and batteries and how much you use them.

You must change the battery when the sound in your hearing aid gets fainter, disappears, or becomes crackly or fuzzy. Some aids give a warning signal when the battery is low.

When you change the battery, remember to remove the sticky tab (if it has one) from the fresh one and make sure that it goes in the battery compartment the right way. If the battery compartment closure sticks when you try to close it, do not force it. The battery is probably turned the wrong way.

Wash and go

If you have hearing aids with an earmould, you should wipe the earmould clean every night with a soft, dry cloth or tissue. Do not use chemicals.

At least once a week you should separate the earmould from the hearing aid and wash it. Gently pull the soft tubing off the hooked part of the aid. Hold onto the tubing and the hook of the aid and tug gently. Do not pull the tubing out of the earmould. You will not be able to put it back in place.

Wash the earmould in warm, soapy water. Use a nailbrush to remove any wax. Rinse it well and leave it to dry overnight. Then push the end of the tubing back onto the hearing aid, making sure that the curve of the earmould goes the same way as the curve of your hearing aid.

If you wear two hearing aids, make sure not to lose track of which earmould goes with which aid.

Notice that the tubing need changing every three to six months before it hardens.

Clean your aid by wiping it carefully with a soft, dry cloth or tissue. Take care not to get it wet.

Source: “the facts about hearing aids” published by The Royal National Institute for Deaf People (RNID)

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