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February 17, 2015

Teachers are at higher risk of noise induced hearing loss

Teachers experience hearing loss to a greater degree than people in other professions. Many do not seek treatment.

Teachers are at higher risk of noise induced hearing loss

Noisy work environments for teachers make them more likely to develop hearing loss than people with different work tasks, an American study has found. The study was conducted by Wakefield Research and shows that 15% of American teachers have a diagnosed hearing loss while this is the case for 12% of workers overall.

The problem is even more frequent for the younger teachers in the study. For teachers aged 18-44, 26% report a diagnosed hearing loss, while the number is only 17% for other types of workers.

Many teachers do not seek treatment

Of the teachers who suspected hearing loss, half of them often experienced having to ask people to repeat what they said, while one-third of them misunderstood what was being said. Finally, one in four experienced a stressful feeling after having been talking or listening for some time. 

According to the study, 27% of the teachers suspected having a hearing loss but had not sought any help. 

60% of the teachers were concerned about hearing loss and yet only 19% of them were offered hearing insurance.

The study was conducted by Wakefield Research for EPIC Hearing Healthcare. (Read more) 

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