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Telecommunication equipment

Several specialised telephones are available for people who are hard of hearing. Below is some advice about different technical devices that could help you hear the telephone ringing or improve your telephone conversations. Talk with your hearing health care professional about how and where to get these helpful devices.

Telecommunication equipment

If you find it difficult to hear the telephone ringing, it is possible to amplify the ringing sound to make it louder. You can also get a small vibrating device to put in your pocket, for instance, so that when the telephone rings the device begins to vibrate. A flashing light could also be used to indicate that someone is calling.

A larger loudspeaker can be installed in the telephone amplifying the other person's voice and thus making it easier to hear what is being said. A small wire loop can also be installed in the telephone. Some telephones can be supplied with an additional earpiece - sometimes called a watch receiver. This makes it possible to listen with both ears.

For people who are suffering from profound or severe hearing loss, a text phone may be a solution. With a text phone the hearing-impaired person can use typewritten text instead of talking. A text phone is a special service that many telephone companies offer. This service requires that you have a special monitor connected to your telephone. In addition, an operator link is required to communicate with a person who uses a normal telephone. A person from the telephone company will typewrite what the person you are talking to is saying, and you will be able to read it on your monitor. For further information, please contact your telephone company.

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