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November 01, 2012

The world's best website concerning hearing and hearing loss has been launched in Chinese

A Chinese version of the world's largest and best website concerning hearing and hearing loss has been launched for the more than 150 million in China who have hearing loss and their relatives.

The world's best website concerning hearing and hearing loss has been launched in Chinese

“We have launched a Chinese version of hear-it,,  to inform and support the millions of Chinese-speaking people who are affected by hearing loss. This includes of course the more than 150 million people in China who have a hearing loss, but also all the other Chinese-speaking people around the world who have a hearing loss and their relatives,” says secretary general Kim Ruberg, hear-it AISBL, the non-commercial organisation behind the hear-it websites .
Many surveys from all around the world show that one-in-six adults has a noticeable hearing loss. As well as these, there are also the many relatives and colleagues of these people who are also affected when a person has a hearing loss.

Among's key messages are:

  • 16% of the adult population have a hearing loss that is great enough that they would benefit from using hearing aids
  • hearing aids improve quality of life

We have  around four main areas: hearing loss, hearing aids, tinnitus and your situation, says editor-in-chief Sören Petersen.

˜Your situation is also divided up depending on whether you suspect that you might have a hearing loss, you actually have a hearing loss or are a relative or colleague of someone with hearing loss. We also have our news section where we continually publish the latest news about hearing and hearing loss. We hope that users will welcome hear-it in Chinese.

Visitors from all over the world

The first, which was in English, came into the world in 2000, and since has been launched in Spanish, German, French and Portuguese. Thousands of visitors from all over the world uses every day to learn more about hearing, hearing loss and the many advantages of using hearing aids if you have a hearing loss. has been named the best health website by The International Web Page Award. Since then, the website has been greatly expanded and is today the world's largest and farthest reaching website concerning hearing and hearing loss. The website is visited by people from almost every country in the world.

Hear-it AISBL is an international non-profit and non-commercial organisation. The objective of Hear-it AISBL is to collect, process and circulate all relevant information on hearing loss and its human and socio-economic consequences.

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