Therapy and hearing aids helping tinnitus patients

Study finds combination of therapy and hearing aids to be extremely effective for tinnitus paitents.

Increased happiness, improved concentration and better sleep are the results of a new treatment, combining therapy and hearing aids for tinnitus patients. The finding was made in a study carried out by the Center for Assistive Devices and Communication, CHC, in Denmark, which offers the treatment combo.

One hundred tinnitus patients took part in the study and responded to questionnaires over a two-year period. The study found that the patients experienced a number of improvements. They included emotional improvements, such as decreased levels of frustration, more enjoyment of live, and greater control over the tinnitus; cognitive improvements, such as improved concentration; and physical and social improvements, such as fewer problems at work and at home, and better sleep.

The CHC treatment of tinnitus is based on in-depth conversations with each patient, treatment with hearing aids, trials of bed side maskers in cases of insomnia or other sleep issues, and individual counselling by specialists.


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