05 July 2005

Tight noise control in nightspots

Night life in the summer time can be very noisy. This is why the City Council of Barcelona has tightened regulations, controls and sanctions for bars, night clubs and discos, as well as for noisy motorbikes.

The establishment of a protocol, as part of a campaign named “Noise and Authorities Summer 2005”, allows authorities to shut down noisy nightspots right away, and stop motorbikes causing noise above the permitted decibels limit. An increase in the number of local authorities will make the fulfilment of this protocol possible.

Excessive noise in discos, night clubs and bars will lead to immediate closure by local authorities. In addition, they will have to pay a fine of between 3.000 and 60.000 Euros, announced Jordi Hereu, city councillor for Security and Mobility in Barcelona.

As a preventive measure, having two warnings for being above the limit, and three warnings for causing too much noise or not observing closing time will be enough to shut down nightspots immediately.

Noisy motorbikes
The sanctions for motorbikes have also been increased. Local policemen will stop and fine motorbikes causing acoustic pollution. Motorbike riders making noise on purpose will have to pay a fine, while those having a technical problem will have to repair it within ten days if they want to avoid a sanction.

The campaign highlights social awareness of the hazardous effects of noise, aiming to make Barcelona city and its summer nights less noisy.

Noise above 85 dB for more than eight hours a day is dangerous to your hearing as well as to your general health. It may cause hearing loss, sleeping disorders, hypertension and headaches among other disorders.

The regulations are effective from 1st July, 2005.

Sources: www.elperiodico.com and www.bcn.es, June 21, 2005.

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