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Tinnitus - a widespread problem

Each year, millions of people are added to the growing group of tinnitus sufferers.

Tinnitus - a widespread problem

An American study estimated that 40-50 million Americans suffer from some degree of the distressing noises in the ear associated with tinnitus.

Workers in noisy workplaces are particularly susceptible to tinnitus. Among the most affected professions are musicians, machinists, and industrial workers. But teachers in schools and kindergarten need also take special care of their ears, according to a Danish survey. Tinnitus is almost twice as common among male teachers as among males in other professions.

The worst effects of tinnitus can often be alleviated with correct treatment and counseling, but many fail to seek professional help. Just 40 percent of tinnitus sufferers seek the help from a tinnitus expert, according to an Australian study.

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