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Tinnitus affecting job performance

Tinnitus poses challenges at work. Many people with tinnitus fear for their future job prospects. Treatment and counseling is the solution to many of the problems.

Tinnitus affecting job performance

Among people with tinnitus, 42 percent believe that their tinnitus adversely affects their work, according to an online British study carried out by the Royal National Institute for the Deaf among almost 900 people with tinnitus.

Many people with tinnitus keep their problem to themselves at their workplace. The study found that 44 percent of the respondents failed to inform their employers or co-workers about their tinnitus because they felt that others would be incapable of understanding the condition.

23 percent kept their problem to themselves due to fear that it might affect their future employment opportunities.

Having tinnitus may be a blow, but it does not necessarily become a barrier in the job market or prevent tinnitus sufferers from living a good and normal life.

Proper coping strategies, treatment techniques and openness about the situation allows most tinnitus sufferers to live a normal life. Treatment strategies, such as Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT), can be of great help in tackling the endless ringing and hizzing in the ears.

Source: ”Tinnitus påvirker hele livet”, hørelsen nr. 9, 2006

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