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Tinnitus after a cold!

My tinnitus started in my late 30s, at the end of one of those colds which included almost unbearable head congestion.

As the congestion lifted, the ringing began - an extremely high pitched, electronic type of a sound. Occasionally it goes away for a couple of days. I went to my ear, nose & throat specialist because of my concern that it might be a symptom of a health problem I should know about. It was not -- apparently that is fairly rare.

Some things do make it worse - aspirin, for example. I gather that is also common.

I have learned to live with it by using it as a "white noise" to help me get to sleep, when that is a problem. The only limitation it has imposed is that when the ringing is loud, it becomes more difficult to sing with a group, in church, etc. Considering my voice, that is probably just as well! My hearing is, as it has always been, very good.

Cynthia McClelland


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