12 May 2010

Tinnitus on the menu

Ready meals and light products are among a range of foods, which can actually make tinnitus worse, say an expert.

Less salty food, more water, fewer dairy products, preservatives and ready meals. That is the diet an Italian expert recommends to sufferers of tinnitus, if they want to avoid aggravating their condition.

These food stuffs contain biochemical elements, which can affect the brain's activity - including the part which deals with hearing. These biochemical elements cause confusing signals, which the brain reads as noise.

Two such elements are aspartame and glutamate, which are found in many ready meals. Glutamate, in the form of sodium salt, is often used as a taste enhancer, and aspartame is used as a substitute for sugar in many light products.

These recommendations come from Dr. Manuela Mazzoli in an interview with periodical Audio Infos. Dr. Mazoli heads an international research group, which studies tinnitus from a nutritional point of view.

Source: Audio Infos (North Europe Edition)

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