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Total earing loss of left ear + tinnitus and partial loss in right ear

I was operated on in July 2005 for cancer of the colon, which meant the removal of half of my colon. The second day after the operation, I was unable to speak nor to hear.

I alerted the medical staff and in turn had a visit from the ENT specialist, on the fifth day follwing the operation I regained the ability to speak but my hearing had not improved.

After a further examination by the ENT specialist, I was taken to have my ears siringed ( I had excessive amount of wax in both ear, I understand that this was caused by the anaesthetic that was given to me, but no indication was given as to the loss of hearing. This information was only provided to me by a nurse in the hospital who had dealt with a previous patient who suffered similar fate).

A brain scan followed about six months later but nothing abnormal was reported.

4 years after the operation, I am left with total deafness in the left ear and only about 50% earing in the right ear.

I do not hold any grudge against the Medical staff, since they did all they could to save my life but it would have been nice just to be able to get some explanation as to the cause of deafness and tinnitus.

John Woollard


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