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August 08, 2017

Treatment reduces hearing loss due to chemotherapy in young cancer patients

The medical drug sodium-thiosulfate has a relieving effect on young cancer patients suffering from hearing loss because of chemotherapy.

Treatment reduces hearing loss due to chemotherapy in young cancer patients

The Children´s Hospital in Los Angeles in the US has, in cooperation with 37 other Children´s Hospitals in the U.S and Canada, found a possible way to reduce hearing loss in children who receive chemotherapy due to cancer.

Strongest among the youngest

The investigators behind the study compared two groups of cancer patients. The first group was treated with cisplatin and sodium-thiosulfate while the second patient group was treated with cisplatin only.

In the first group, the share of patients who experienced a hearing loss after the treatment was only 29%. For those in the second group, who were treated with cisplatin only, the number of patient who suffered from hearing loss was 56%.

A simple comparison of the two patient groups reveals a clear reduction in experienced hearing loss among patients. The treatment effects were significantly strong among children under 5 years old. This age group is also most susceptible to cisplatin-induced hearing loss.

About the study

125 patients aged between 1 and 18 years took part in the study, which was conducted over a four year period. The participating patients suffered from different forms of cancer, which indicates that sodium-thiosulfate can reduce hearing loss across different forms of cancer, and not only a limited part.

As a part of the study, the cancer patients were all in all tested three times. Once before the chemotherapy treatment, once after initial treatment and finally after the treatments were completed.

The main results of the study were published in the online edition of Lancet Oncology.

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