09 January 2009

TV channel for hearing impaired audience

An Argentine TV channel, el Canal Hipoacúsico Educativo (CHE), is offering only transmissions of captioned shows to make it easier for hearing impaired viewers to watch TV.

CHE is on the air four to six hours a day, but will eventually offer round the clock programming.

Like any other channel, shows on CHE are shown with full audio, but captions provide transcriptions of spoken dialog and descriptions of other sounds for the hearing impaired viewers.

In addition, the channel offers a permanent section with explanations of expressions, acronyms and phrases that cannot be directly translated.

CHE is available in Uruguay and Paraguay, as well as in Argentina. If the channel is successful the intention is that it be made available to all Spanish speaking countries. About 40 million Spanish speaking people are hearing impaired and potential beneficiaries of the information and entertainment offered by the new channel.

Source: Radio y Televisión Americana.
Published on hear-it on January 9, 2009.

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