28 April 2015

Two cochlear implants are best

Children with two cochlear implants display higher scores in language development than children with just one.

An Australian study shows that children with two cochlear implants (inner ear implants) do better than children with only one implant. Two cochlear implants facilitate a child’s language development more than one cochlear implant.

The results show that children with two cochlear implants develop vocabulary and spoken language skills much faster than children fitted with just one. Also, children with only one cochlear implant score significantly lower in vocabulary tests than children with normal hearing.

According to the study, the time of implantation is crucial. The earlier in life the cochlear implants are implanted, the better the child’s language development becomes.

Other factors

The study also shows that several other factors affect how hearing impaired children develop language. These factors include high levels of parental involvement and the amount of time spent by adults reading to their children. 

Source: www.journals.lww.com

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