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February 16, 2006

University for students with disabilities

The Autonoma University of Madrid expands work protocol for people with disabilities.

Going to the university is demanding for anyone, but hearing impaired students face additional difficulties. In an attempt to lower the barriers for hearing impaired students, the Autonoma University of Madrid has improved and expanded its “Protocol of attention to disabilities”.

This protocol is a guide for teachers, students, administration and service staff. It describes the special needs of students with disabilities in all areas, such as technical equipment, teaching, classroom facilities and exams.

A hearing impaired student is entitled to:

  • having text telephones, fax and video conference facilities in addition to the usual phone booth, and visual alarms in case of emergency.
  • receiving visual information in addition to the auditory information. This includes sign language, closed captioning, notice boards and any other kinds of visual aid.
  • classrooms with U-shaped set-up, if possible, and/or front row seats.
  • receiving study notes in advance from teachers. The teachers are also responsible for updating notice boards with information about exams, timetables, and deadlines for papers.
  • increased numbers of multiple choice exams where language expression is not important, and 25 percent additional time over normal exam time limits.

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