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April 17, 2012

US Marine Corps' new hearing program

In the future, all US Marines will undergo mandatory hearing tests every year in order to develop a strong hearing conservation program within the US Marine Corps.

US Marine Corps' new hearing program

As a marine, you are often working in noisy environments. For many this has led to serious consequences such hearing loss and other hearing disabilities. But from now on the Occupational Safety and Health Branch of the Marine Corps' Safety Division will incorporate a hearing conservation program to reduce the number of hearing injuries within the Corps.

The goal of the policy is “100% hearing readiness,” and in addition to the hearing tests all US Marines will have proper ear protection fittings.

Hearing tests for all

By May 2012, all US Marines will have undergone a hearing test. Earlier it was only those who were exposed to the most noise who were required to take a hearing test, but in the future, hearing tests will not only be for those working in aviation, artillery, infantry and armour. Sailors, civilians and others within the Marine Corps will also be provided with a hearing test.

Even office workers may have to fly in a helicopter or be exposed to explosive noises if deployed to war-affected areas. An M16 can register 150dB, and exposure to that sound pressure only once can be enough to burst an eardrum.

Through regular testing it is possible to discover a possible hearing loss earlier and prevent hearing disabilities in the US Marine Corp.


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