18 February 2010

USA: How to receive financial assistance for hearing aids

A guide published by The Better Hearing Institute in Washington DC tells you how to apply for subsidies for your purchase of hearing aids if you live in the US.

Two out of three adults with hearing loss in the US cite financial constraints as a core reason they do not use hearing aids, even though more than 95 percent of people with hearing loss could benefit from hearing aids.

"No one should go without a needed hearing aid because of an inability to pay," said Sergei Kochkin, executive director of BHI. "Of the thousands of annual inquiries we receive, the most frequent topic concerns financial assistance for hearing aid purchases. Sixty-one percent of hearing aid purchases in the US involve no third party payment. Yet, today's modern hearing aids hold great potential to positively change the lives of so many."

Hearing loss neglected
State as well as private insurances in the US cover help for prescription glasses and braces for the teeth, but hearing loss is like a neglected orphan in the American healthcare system, according to Kochkin. This increases the need for assistance from other sources.

The average cost for a hearing aid in 2008 in the US was $1,675, including fitting, evaluation, and post-fitting treatment. Better Hearing Institute research indicated that 33 percent of people with hearing loss have annual incomes of less than $30,000.

The guide titled Your Guide to Financial Assistance for Hearing Aids offers a listing of organizations providing financial support for hearing aid purchases.

Multiple benefits of hearing aids
The Better Hearing Institute also published Your Guide to Better Hearing, reporting among other conclusions that treating hearing loss results in improvements in communication in relationships, intimacy and warmth in family relationships, a sense of control over life events and reduced depression and depressive symptoms.

Read more here about these downloadable guides.

Source: www.betterhearing.org

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