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January 29, 2010

Virtual Reality for ear surgeons

Danish scientists have developed a new advanced 3D simulator, making it easier to practice delicate middle ear procedures

Virtual Reality for ear surgeons

To gain access to the middle or inner ear an ear surgeon must drill through the patient’s temple bone. This is a delicate procedure because of the risk of disturbing the heavy concentration of nerves and blood vessels and causing permanent damage and injury.

”The Visible Ear Simulator”, developed by the Danish National Hospital and the Alexandra Institute in Copenhagen, Denmark, offers a new response to this challenge. The simulator prepares the surgeon for the difficult operation by providing a realistic visual rendition of the ear and a realistic simulation of the procedure.

During testing of the new 3D simulator at the National Hospital the feedback has been positive and the new training device promises an improved outlook for hearing impaired patients undergoing surgical procedures in the future.


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