23 July 2010

Vitamin A may protect from hearing loss

Research shows a connection between the concentration of vitamin A and the occurrence of hearing loss. These vitamins come especially from daily nutrition.

High levels of vitamin A are associated with a lower prevalence of hearing loss. These are the results of a study conducted by Japanese researchers. Researchers compared the presence of vitamin A in the subject's serum to the subject's hearing. The study was controlled for age, as hearing loss is more common with age.

The statistical analyses in the study indicate the protective effects of vitamin A against hearing loss, where the effect increases along with the dose of vitamin A taken.

Vitamins from food
The researchers also looked for the origin of vitamin A found in the subjects serum. The answers from the participants indicate that they come almost exclusively from daily nutrition since only 5 percent of the subjects consumed food supplements, meaning that vitamin A in the form of food may lower the risk for hearing loss, although the researchers stress that the results of the survey cannot be extrapolated to the general population.

The study included 762 Japanese over the age of 65.

Source: Audio Infos, 51, 2010

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