23 September 2003

We get used to noise

Living in a big city implies inevitably being surrounded by noise. When asking people how they can live with so much noise, the answer is: "I am just used to it".

This is one of the conclusions from the "2nd Congress about Noise and its Consequences on Population Health" in Buenos Aires City, Argentina, in August, 2002. It was organized by the organization for hearing impaired people, Asociación Civil Oír Mejor.

Among the reasons offered by the experts for this answer:

  • We do not get used to noise, but our ears "filter out" unpleasant sounds and cope as well as they can with the daily exposure to intensive noise.
  • People are unaware of the damage caused by exposure to high levels of noise due to a lack of information.
  • The damage affects not only our hearing ability. It may also appear in the form of insomnia, tiredness, lack of concentration, lack of attention at work, lack of efficiency, and even hypertension, heart problems and digestive disorders.


The congress concluded that the public authorities in Argentina must take steps to create public awareness of the dangers from high levels of daily noise exposure.

Source: 2ª Jornadas sobre el Ruido y sus Consecuencias en la Salud de la Población, (2nd Congress about Noise and its Consequences on the Population Health), Bueno Aires, August, 2002, organized by Asociación Civil Oír Mejor, www.oirmejor.org.

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