What should I do if I think my child has a hearing problem?

It is important to identify hearing problems in children as soon as possible. Do not hesitate to contact a doctor if you suspect that your child has a hearing problem.

If you suspect that your child might have a hearing loss, you should contact your family doctor/GP as soon as possible.

Hearing is essential for a child’s development right from birth. Hearing and sight are some of the most important senses a child uses to orientate themselves in the world and which we need in our future development.

Tell the doctor what you have experienced and why you believe that your child could have a hearing loss.

Can you pass our hearing test?
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Can you pass our hearing test?
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Listen to hearing loss
Listen to hearing loss

The doctor will typically carry out an examination to see if there could be a hearing loss or refer you to an ENT-doctor or an audiologist.

Hearing screening or hearing test

Small children will typically have a hearing screening carried out in which an instrument is used to measure whether there is any sign of hearing loss. Older children will typically be given one or more hearing tests.

If a child has a hearing loss, it is important that they are treated as soon as possible. Here, a specialist in fitting hearing aids should be contacted.

Hearing aids or implants

Most cases of hearing loss can typically be treated with hearing aids. However, some forms of hearing loss and even deafness can be treated with different types of implant. A range of hearing aids are available which are especially modified for children of different ages.

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