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When you want more from your hearing aids

Top-of-the-line models always have the most advanced features and use the newest technology.

When you want more from your hearing aids

What do you do when your hearing aid needs to have more advanced features and use the latest technology? Generally, you have to look to the manufacturers’ newer, top-of-the-line models. They cost more, however they can also do considerably more than other models.

Hearing aid features

The more advanced hearing aids have more programmes, are more intelligent, can to a greater extent adapt to more complicated sound situations and can offer diverse zoom and filtering programmes. The most advanced devices are generally also those which can be easily integrated with other electronic products such as TVs, smart phones and computers.

Tinnitus and hearing aids

Tinnitus is often accompanied by a hearing loss. If an examination shows that you have both tinnitus and a hearing loss, you may benefit from using hearing aids. Hearing aids improve your hearing and improved hearing mostly reduces the experienced tinnitus.Some of the more advanced hearing aids contain the newest functions in managing tinnitus and hearing loss.


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