Children and hearing aids

If your child is suffering from hearing loss and is about to be fitted with hearing aids, you must make sure that the devices meet the needs of your child.

Fitting with hearing aids at the youngest possible age is extremely important. An untreated hearing loss strongly affects your child's ability to learn, socialise and communicate.

If your child needs hearing aids, there are many things you must consider.

  • Type and degree of your child's hearing loss.
  • Your child's general abilities and level of activity. The hearing aids must be robust and able to withstand the impact from normal playing and resistant to dust and moisture.
  • The hearing aids must have audio ports for hook-up to radio transmission in classrooms and elsewhere.
  • Children often like colourfully finished hearing aids.

Parents of young children should also be aware of the hearing aid feature allowing them to deactivate the manual volume control. Young children have difficulty properly setting the sound level.

When so many factors are involved, you will need the assistance of an experienced hearing health care professional. He or she can help you find the right hearing aid for your child, fit and adjust it, and inform you about all relevant aspects of hearing impairment and hearing aids.

Be patient and loving

When your child has begun using hearing aids, you must remember that it takes time to get used to them. And it also takes time to get used to a new ”?hearing situation'.

The best way to help is by being loving and understanding. Getting used to hearing aids requires strong motivation, support and participation from you as a parent. Advanced, well-fitted hearing aids are not very useful if the child does not wear them or if they are not maintained.

Your child needs to be involved with the problem and understand why he or she has to wear hearing aids. During this process, communication and motivation are very important for your child's willingness to wear hearing aids. The greater the involvement and the more the child understands, the greater the willingness.