Where do I find a hearing care professional?

Are you looking for a provider of hearing aids? You have a range of options.

If you need to find a place close to where you live which can help you with hearing aids, you have a range of options: You can use a internet version of ”the yellow pages” or a similar service and write ”hearing aids” and the name of your hometown or a major city nearby. This will present a list of possibilities.

You can type “hearing aids” and the name of your hometown or a major city nearby into a search engine. The search engine will show you a list of results.

You can visit the homepages of some major hearing aid manufacturers. Several of them offer a feature in which you can find a hearing care professional (who provide their brand).

You can contact the local branch of an organisation for people with hearing loss and ask if they are familiar with places near you where they fit hearing aids. 

Public dispensers

If you live in a country with public dispensing of hearing aids, you should contact your local health authority and ask where you should go for help and what you should do. You may also find help on their homepage.

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