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Why Me?

At the age of 11, I had an ear infection whilst on holiday.

Not knowing it at the time, it resulted to my hearing problem years later. I have problems hearing low frequency sounds. It was around November 2008, when I started hearing a humming sound in my left ear (which was supposed to be my good one). I discovered it was tinnitus after talking to my consultant (following my hearing test).

Following 20 years of working in Mental Health, my automatic reaction to the humming was, 'Am I suffering Mental Health problems?' It was a relief to hear it was not.

At first, I found it hard trying to switch this noise off and thought 'Why Me?' Learning of the causes came as no surprise when I heard it is quite common in Musicians - which I am. Through counselling, I have been able to counter tinnitus by keeping busy or having some sort of noise where I am. It doesn't help when you are alone in a quiet area!

Worse was yes to come... when I thought I was coping with the humming in one ear, I am, now, experiencing whistling in my other ear. Thankfully, it isn't as loud.

Waking up is the hardest part. The first thing I hear is a loud factory machine-type hum.

I wouldn't want to wish this on anyone, as it could dominate one's life. I just want to encourage as many people as possible to hold tight and don't give up. Talk to others - it's surprising to know that they suffer with tinnitus as well. Many will keep quiet, thinking they are the only ones. If each one tells one, many will be educated.

Mike Davis
Handsworth, Birmingham

my MRI report said,there is DNS to the left.
right middle ear hypertophed,doctor told me there is a no treatment of this disease.1271278462
Yes. Met too, although mine is a high ptiched whine in "my head". Almsot so high pitched it's off the tonal chart.

Stay positive!1274617938
Thank you for the support even i say the same thing share your problem u see that ur not alone who has problemz..many have worst problemz than us... even i do suffer from otoclerosis and tinnitus just from 1 month bak and iam still 26 ha ha ha my ENT surjeon say iam suffering from otochlerosis a genetical disorder with tinnitus as symptom i cant hear whispers any way and cant dare tak to my female folks especially becoz their frequency and pitch icant grasp i came to know abt this disorder 1 month bak wen i got tinnitus signs in my ears doctor say hearing aid or stapedoctemy a michroscopic surgery are the only two options and meanwhile iam given some flouride intake tablets to check weather they work....any waz i have now lost my capacity to whisper with my frenz....just bcoz.....of my fate called genetical disorder and using a hearing aid at 26 age ???????wat will i feel like????if not i shud bring my ear to every one asking sorry...i dnt get u???? sorry come agian??????i dont know weather people have started noticing my impaired i have noticed .....and abt surjery google search say surgery is not 100 percent success it mite fail can any body hear me and my impaired ears story...with your sharp ears....lucky people......god keep your ears safe....forever1292730602
ksha orr
omg let me tell you i have hearing loss in both ears and that loud factory machine type sound is the description i've been looking for to tell my family what i hear constantly in my ears..i have an hearing aid and it's no use ..i lost my hearing and life along with it

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