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May 03, 2005

World Flight for Hearing

A hearing loss will not stop Johan Hammarström, a 28 year-old Swede, from attempting to fly around the world in a small single engine aircraft.

World Flight for Hearing

If his 40,000 mile expedition, 'World Flight for Hearing' is successful, the Swede will become the first hearing impaired pilot to fly this distance in a small plane.

"I have a congenital hearing impairment and have always struggled to achieve my goals. My father is also a pilot, and I have been dreaming about flying since he took me up in an airplane when I was seven years old. Today, I hold flying certificates that allow me to fly many different kinds of airplanes", Hammarström told hear-it.

To Hammarström the primary aim of the expedition is to increase the awareness of hearing loss and show that hearing difficulties do not have to stop you from living a normal life.

He will take off in his small aircraft from Stockholm, Sweden, in early 2006. The journey around the earth is expected to go on for five months.

You can read more about the expedition and follow the planning on

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