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January 23, 2014

Young adults should prepare for hearing loss

One in four 18-44-year-olds using headphones reports hearing problems, a study shows.

Young adults should prepare for hearing loss

More and more people have trouble hearing. Especially young people are at risk, as they often use headphones at a loud volume. This is also the case for young adults in New York City, i.e. the city that never sleeps.

According to an American study, one in four young New York adults aged 18-44 reports hearing loss and hearing problems are found in 23% of people who use headphones at a high volume at least five days a week for four hours a day. Overall, 16 % of adult New Yorkers have hearing problems.

Researchers conclude that if young adults frequently use headphones at a loud volume, they should be prepared to deal with ringing in their ears or hearing loss as a result.

Heavy headphone use

According to the American study, younger adults frequently listen to music on headphones at a high volume. Prolonged exposure to loud levels of noise may cause irreversible damage to the inner ear, resulting in hearing loss, tinnitus or both.

Young adults, who regularly use headphones at a loud volume, are more than twice as likely to have hearing problems, than those who do not.

About the study

The study is an American survey from 2011 carried out by the New York City Department of Health.

For the researchers, the message is clear: people need to turn down the volume on their headphones if they want to protect their ears from damage.


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