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March 16, 2006

Young people lead noisy lives

Almost half of young Danes believe that the noise levels from music for young audiences should be regulated by law, according to a survey.

Young people lead noisy lives

The survey entitled Youth and Noise was conducted among 957 13+20 year old Danes by the National Danish Health Agency.

The survey found that young people generally are surrounded by loud music and noise whether at night clubs, concerts, cinemas or while listening to CD players at home or MP3 players when they are out.

37 percent of the respondents experience discomfort and pain from daily noises, while 20 percent said that they have had ringing in their ears after listening to their personal music players. They encounter the highest noise levels at night clubs, indoor concerts and at the movies.

In favour of prevention
The young Danes are aware that constant loud noises can be a problem.

69 percent said that noise protection is important for kids and young adults. Almost 80 percent agreed that earplugs should be made available for them to buy at loud music venues, and 42 percent said that cinemas, discotheques and other noise places should post warnings about the noise levels. But even though 43 percent said that the noise should be regulated by law, 81 percent believed that young people bear the main responsibility for protecting themselves against loud noise.

Other countries have passed new regulations to cut down on excessive noise. In Switzerland, for instance, average noise levels may no longer exceed 92 dB in most instances. Sweden has set new tough noise limits for events where children are present.

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