05 November 2009

Young people show hearing awareness

Two thirds of the French population have had their hearing tested. Hearing test awareness is particularly high among young Frenchmen.

Two in three in the population France have had a hearing test, according to a study carried out by the Ipsos polling firm in connection with the ”journée nationale de l’audition”, the French national hearing day.

Surprisingly, the study indicated that the younger generation is most likely to go to hearing screenings. 85 percent of young people have had their hearing tested, as compared to 52 percent of the older generation, even though more than one in five of those aged 60 years or older need hearing aids.

Low awareness of hearing specialists
In spite of the great awareness about hearing and hearing loss in France just 46 percent of the population know about hearing aid specialists.

Of those interviewed for the study, 67 percent believed that the best place to seek help for hearing loss is the ear, nose and throat specialists, and nine in 10 believed that their family doctor offers the best and most neutral advice on hearing aids.

Source: Ipsos.fr

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